What Is The Average Cost Of Power Washing Services?

Average cost of power washing

What Is The Average Price For Pressure Washing Per Foot In Vancouver?

The cost of pressure washing in Vancouver is dependent on a wide range of variables. It’s important to understand that different surfaces demand different levels of effort and attention, affecting the price you pay. These variables include the type of surface to be cleaned, the condition or dirtiness of the surface, the accessibility of the surface, and the total size of the project.

Examples Of Pressure Washing Prices In Vancouver

For example, common surfaces like concrete, due to their less porous nature and the likelihood that they are less dirty compared to others, would be on a lower price scale for Vancouver pressure washing. Concrete cleaning generally goes at a rate of about 25 cents per square foot.

Challenging and complicated surfaces such as aggregate, pavers, and asphalt often demand more work on our part. They are rough, porous and generally pick up more dirt than the smoother surfaces like concrete. Such surfaces require much attention during cleaning to make sure all dirt is removed, and hence could cost a bit more – ranging from 30 cents per square foot to around 60 cents. This price varies depending on the individual complexity of these surfaces and the depth of the dirt.

To assure the best results, we follow a detailed cleaning process that includes pre-treating and post-treating surfaces using the finest commercial-grade cleaning detergent. This process leaves the surfaces cleaner for an extended period, which is a long-term advantage to our customers.

Shine City Pressure Washing: A Customer-Oriented Service

Valuing each of our customers, we always strive to balance between charging a fair price and offering exceptional service. As an appreciation for those whose jobs involve a vast surface area, we offer volume discounts. This feature means that the overall price per square foot decreases as the total area of the project increases. Clients with larger jobs benefit from this option, making it cost-effective for them.

However, to ensure the viability of our operations and the sustenance of our overall quality service, we have a minimum service charge of $275 for any job undertaken, be it a single service or a combination of multiple services. We hope our customers understand that this minimum charge is necessary, as it helps ensure our dedicated team is always equipped and ready to provide top-notch services.

The scope of our services extends beyond mere pressure washing. Because we understand exterior cleaning in a broader sense, we offer a wide array of other services geared toward making your exterior space shine. These include soft washing, roof cleaning, house washing, gutter cleaning, exterior window cleaning, awning cleaning, deck cleaning, fence cleaning, graffiti removal, and even a festive service – Christmas light installation.

When you bundle these services together, you not only make your home or space comprehensively clean but also qualify for our volume discounts. We aim to make your experience with us rewarding, and we find joy in seeing satisfied repeat customers.

Quality, dedication, and professionalism are at the forefront of our services. We fully understand what the job requires and we are prepared for it. Our approach to delivering the best results relies heavily on our well-trained and experienced team, our commercial-grade pressure washers, and our effective cleaning agents. We create optimal conditions for our team to work effectively, ensuring that every surface we clean is left spotless, fresh, and appealing.

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To receive an accurate quote for the cost of pressure washing your property, you are welcome to get in touch with us. Further still, you can simply fill out our quote form, and we will respond in no time. We look forward to making your homestead or commercial premises shine with unrivaled sparkle and freshness. Reach out to us today, and let’s discuss how we can serve you better. We rest not until your exterior surfaces gleam with cleanliness!

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