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We have been offering Langley window cleaning as well as the surrounding cities in the Greater Vancouver area since 2018. Window cleaning is one of those things that can greatly vary in quality depending on which window cleaning company you hire. Our technique for cleaning windows uses a combination of purified water, as well as scrubbing and brushing with special brushes. This is called a water-fed pole system. Call us today for premium Langley window cleaning.

Langley Window Cleaning

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Window Washing: Our Process

How do we do Langley window cleaning using a water-fed pole, how does it work, and does it clean as well as a classic squeegee? 

Window cleaning by water-fed pole works by thoroughly scrubbing the surface of the glass to loosen all algae, mildew, and mold. We use a variety of different brushes for different situations, depending on the kind of glass, the degree of the algae growth, and more. We carry all of the required equipment to get any job done properly. After loosening the algae, dirt, and mold, we use a water de-ionizer to remove all impurities from the water source. finally, we use that pure water to rinse all of the loose algae from each window thoroughly and carefully. 

This process leaves each pane of glass completely clear and clean. This works because when the water on the window dries, there are no impurities, it is completely clean, and leaves no water spots. 

This method of washing windows is very effective. It leaves behind no drips, smears, or streaks and leaves the window looking invisible!

Of course, there are a couple of things that a water-fed pole system will not be able to do. First, because the method uses water to clean, we are not able to clean in inside of the window, as it would leak all over the place into your house! However, in our experience, it is best if focus on the exterior of your house. In many cases, we are cleaning roofs, gutters, and pressure washing all in one day, so as a result we usually get dirty from working. We are an exterior cleaning company and we find most of our customers have a bigger issue with the exterior of the windows, for that reason we do not do interior Langley window cleaning.

How To Choose The Best Window Cleaning Company

Are your windows in need of cleaning? Taking a look at a person’s windows reveals a lot about them, and that’s the truth. People who care about their homes usually get their windows cleaned every season! If you can barely see through your windows, what is the point of having them at all? Thats where our Langley window cleaning comes in.

The good news is we offer the best Langley window washing services in town! We’ve been providing window cleaning in Surrey and its surrounding cities for years now, as well as a number of other exterior cleaning services. Because most people don’t have the time to clean their windows and their home with basic equipment, it makes sense to get your window cleaning and home exterior cleaning is done at the same time, which is much more cost and time efficient. We save you energy and allow you to spend your time doing the things that are most important to you.

We Are Passionate About Cleaning Windows

While Shine City has been providing the best exterior window cleaning services since 2018, we clean windows a bit differently, using a pure water system. This is the best method for exterior window cleaning.

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Why Shine City?

  In addition to Langley window cleaning, Shine City also offers exterior cleaning services, such as driveway cleaning, roof cleaning, and more, for clients throughout Greater Vancouver. We are passionate about cleaning homes for our loyal customers across the lower mainland, and we treat every home as if it were ours. Check out the 5 star reviews we have from dozens of happy customers across the lower mainland.  

We are passionate about home services, and we work hard to be the best at them. As if your home were our own, our friendly team of professionals will provide all home services with the highest level of professionalism and care. We can be reached by phone, text, and email, as well as on social media! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our window cleaning services or any other services you may be interested in. Shine City will make your home sparkle!

How Often Do I need Langley Window Cleaning?

In most cases, window cleaning should be done once every 2 years, however, this will vary a lot depending on a few factors. First, it depends on the amount of trees surrounding your home, as well as how close the trees are. Green creates green, if there are lots of trees creating algae and moss, it will inevitably spread to your home over time. Another factor is if you have house washing done regularly. If you get exterior house washing services, it will remove the vast majority of the algae from your homes surfaces. This will help to prevent the algae from spreading to the windows, resulting in a cycle of having to clean your windows very regularly. Take a look at our Langley House Washing services and Langley Pressure Washing services as well!