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We provide fast guaranteed quotes for Langley Christmas light installation services. Your Christmas Lights can be designed quickly and easily with Shine City. To create a layout for the Holiday LED Installation, we will use online mapping tools. The design will be sent to you along with the quote, and you can make as many changes as you like. You can change the layout and design of your home, adding lights to the rooflines, landscaping trees, and more. You’ll love our Holiday Lights Installation quote process!

Langley Christmas Light Installation

How We Design Your Langley Christmas Lights

Shine City makes the design of your Langley Christmas Lights fast and simple. When you reach out to us for a quote, we will use online mapping tools to create a layout for the Christmas Light Installation. We will ask you about which parts of your home you would like covered, as well as the colors of the bulbs. The most popular colors are pure white and warm white, but we also have red, green, blue, and more! This design will be sent to you attached the actual quote, and you will be able to make as many changes as you would like. We give you the creative freedom to make changes to the design and layout on your home, with the ability to add lights to the rooflines landscaping trees and more. Our Installation quote process makes Christmas easy and fun!

Hardware Store Christmas Lights VS Heavy Duty
Surrey Christmas Lights

 The bulbs and connectors of lights bought from a hardware store are not replaceable, so you must discard the entire light strand after a year or two. Therefore, we do not install Christmas lights owned by customers. We are proud to have only the highest standards for light installation in the Christmas season. Call Shine City for the best Holiday Lights in Langley. We do many Installations every year with many raving fans. Call us today for beautiful lights for your home!

Surrey Christmas Light Installation

As part of our light installation service, we rent commercial-grade LED lights. A hardware store light is vastly different from a commercial LED light. A quality LED light lasts 3-4 times longer than lights bought from a hardware store, and it’s totally customizable. Whenever necessary, bulbs, sockets, and wires can be replaced.

Since LED lights are much more expensive than normal hardware store lights, we buy them in bulk and rent them to you for the season, including all of the work involved in putting up those lights on your house, maintaining them, and taking them down. All of the technical stuff is handled by us so Christmas can be fun.

Installation Of The Christmas Lights

  Holiday lighting installation can be challenging. However, our Langley Christmas light installation service is provided by our friendly team, which is fully trained to install lights on your home safely and efficiently. There is typically a one to three-hour installation time. Shine City offers quality service so you can sit back and relax this Christmas.  Hire Shine City for the best Langley Christmas Lights.

Installing Christmas Lights In Surrey

LED Maintenance

  Our LED lights are of the highest quality, so it’s not very common for them to stop working. We are able to repair any Christmas Light bulbs that burn out or come off due to the wind if they do. We take the safety of commercial LED lights very seriously, and we will fix any burnt-out lights within 24 hours of receiving your call. A technician will arrive promptly and will inspect the lights, identify the lights that need to be replaced and repair the lights quickly and properly.  

Take Down Of The Lights

  It is easy and fast to take down your commercial-grade LEDs. We begin taking down the lights every year in February and label the lights so we know exactly how to install them again if you want the lights installed again for the next year.  

Then We
Will Be Back Next Year For Your Langley Christmas Light Installation!

  You can have the same lights installed for the next holiday season! We also can make any changes to the lights that you would like for an affordable cost. With Shine City, the possibilities for designs are endless for Langley Christmas Light Installation.  

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We also provide Christmas Light Installation in Surrey, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge,  and the rest of the Greater Vancouver Area! Having a professional lighting company doing your lights is so satisfying. Call us today for a fast quote, it only takes 15 minutes!  

Other Langley Services We Provide

We offer other services besides Langley Christmas lights as well. Some of our most popular home services includes pressure washing, eavestrough cleaning, roof moss removal, Langley Christmas Light Installation and more. Get multiple other services done on the same day as your holiday lights, and you will save big. Contact us for a free quote.

Christmas Light Installation In Surrey
Burnaby Christmas Light Installation

Unlimited Creative Freedom

Our Christmas light hanging service gives you the ultimate creative power to point at something, and BOOM. We put up Christmas lights of what ever color, design or pattern you desire. Your wish is our command.

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