Abbotsford Christmas Light Installation

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Abbotsford Christmas Light Installation

Welcome to Shine City, your go-to source for premium Christmas light installation services in Abbotsford. Illuminate your home this festive season and turn heads with our high quality LED lights, professional service, and innovative designs tailored to your preference.

Hassle-Free Abbotsford Christmas Light Installation

Brace yourselves for a merry and care-free Christmas season with Shine City. At Shine City, we provide easy and cost-effective Christmas light installation services in Abbotsford, with services that cover design, installation, maintenance, and removal. We even store the lights for you until the next holiday season!

Durable High Quality LED Lights

For our Abbotsford Christmas light installation service, we use premium commercial-grade LED lights. This leaves no room for substandard, unreliable lights from your local hardware store. The cherry on the cake? The color of your lights can be changed every year, for a fresh look each holiday season.

Quick and thorough installation

Starting as early as October 1st, we provide meticulous installation of your Christmas lights. With a variety of methods like clips, straps, zip ties and staples at our disposal, we cater to the unique design of your home. Be assured that any concerns about staple holes on your home’s fascia boards are already factored into our careful planning process.

Dependable Maintenance

Are you worried about damage or faults in your Christmas lights? Fret not! At Shine City, we offer a 24-hour maintenance service to fix any issues you might encounter. Our team is always ready to ensure your lights shine bright all season long.

Removal, Storage, and Repeat

When the holiday cheer starts to wear off and fans of the festive season retreat, Shine City steps in once more. We initiate our efficient Christmas light take-down from January 1st and can leave them up as late as February 1st. We’ll remove, label, and store the lights, ensuring their longevity for further use in subsequent holiday seasons.

More Bang for Your Buck

For the 2nd and 3rd year, receive a 10% discount off on our Abbotsford holiday lighting services, if installed before November 1st, you’ll enjoy an extra 5% off as an early-bird special.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: “Can you install my own lights?”
A: We only install our own lights to ensure high quality and consistent service, as they are durable, energy-efficient, and reliable.

Q: “Can I buy the lights instead of renting?”
A: We offer lights on a rental basis to keep costs low and allow for easy color changes each year. Selling lights would be more expensive due to our bulk purchase and reuse strategy.

Q: “Is it possible to leave the lights up all year?”
A: No, because continuous exposure to elements can damage the lights. Annual removal and dry storage extend their lifespan and protect them during exterior maintenance activities.

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Unlimited Creative Freedom

Our Christmas light hanging service gives you the ultimate creative power to point at something, and BOOM. We put up Christmas lights of what ever color, design or pattern you desire. Your wish is our command.

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