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Best Surrey Roof Cleaning And Roof Moss Removal Services

If you are looking for Surrey roof cleaning and moss removal services, Shine City is the obvious choice. We have been offering Surrey roof cleaning & roof moss removal services since 2018, and we offer moss removal & prevention solutions for all types of Surrey roofs. 

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What Causes A Dirty Roof?

In humid climates such as Surrey BC, moss, algae and lichen can sprout sprout on your roof, and spread rapidly. Lets take a look at each of these, and the effects they can have on your roof:

  1. Moss: Beyond just being an eyesore, moss can lead to significant shingle damage. While it may not harm shingles as much as other forms of growth, moss accumulates dirt and thrives. As it and other growths land on the roof, they establish roots, creating a problem that worsens in winter. These growths can trap ice and water, ultimately shortening your roof’s lifespan. To safeguard your roof, regular moss removal is essential.

  2. Algae: If your roof’s color no longer matches your memory, algae growth could be the culprit. Algae can cause discoloration, turning a brown roof black. Sometimes, it may give your roof a dirty, streaked appearance, often mistaken for dirt, tree debris, or soot. The good news is that removing algae is a straightforward process that can extend your roof’s longevity.

  3. Lichen: Lichen growth poses a significant threat to your roof’s integrity. Although lichen is commonly found on tree trunks, it also utilizes a robust root system to feed on limestone, potentially leading to extensive damage.

Is It Safe To Pressure Wash A Roof?

Pressure washing an asphalt, tile, or cedar roof and cause irreversible damage! That is why we use the soft wash method to clean your Surrey roof safely and effectively, without the use of high pressure, which will remove granules from your asphalt roof shingles. Our soft wash roof cleaning kills moss, algae and mildew down to the roots, and causes the roof moss to disintegrate and break down over time.

Jenny Mazur
Jenny Mazur
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Very professional. Great job cleaning the moss off our roof and cleaning our gutters. They worked hard to make sure the job was done right. They left our house sparkling clean.
Pawsahay Thaw
Pawsahay Thaw
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Mekai and the crew did such an amazing job on the gutter cleaning and roof cleaning. Would highly recommend! 🙂
Jim M
Jim M
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They arrived on the day and time they said they would and got right to work on the moss removal on a very high and steep roof as well as the soft washing of the complete exterior of the house,job well done.

What Is A Soft Wash?

A soft wash simply means a low-pressure wash using chemicals. Some customers may ask, which chemical is used?, and is it harmful to my pets, children or plants? 

We use a liquid chlorine base, as well as other soaps and surfactants in our soft wash mix, which is standard across the roof wash industry, besides some acceptions with cedar roofs, which are often cleaned with Oxygen bleach instead.

When used correctly, chlorine is safe, and affective at cleaning, killing, and preventing organic growth, without harming the shingles of your roof. When removing shingle moss, chlorine, or bleach, is the only way to go!

Surrey Roof Cleaning

We Offer A 2-Year Guarantee On Surrey Roof Cleaning!

When you have your Surrey roof cleaning done by Shine City, you are covered by our 2-Year moss free guarantee! If you see any new moss starting to grow on your roof within two years of your roof cleaning, you can call us back to apply our soft wash roof treatment again to ensure that the moss goes away, free of charge!

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Why Is Roof Cleaning Important?

Routine roof cleaning can extend the life span of your roof, reduces the required frequency of gutter cleaning services, and protects your roof from rotting and mold. Call Shine City for Surrey roof cleaning and moss removal today!

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