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Surrey Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

Roof Moss Removal In Surrey BC

Shine City provides Surrey roof cleaning & roof moss removal services for residential and commercial customers using the soft wash technique. We always use the safest techniques and methods to preserve the lifespan of your roof without causing damage to the delicate shingles. Get a quote for roof cleaning today! We provide top rated moss removal in the entire Greater Vancouver area, and have done so for years. Fill out out the form below to get a free quote!

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Our Surrey Roof Cleaning Includes a 2 Year Guarantee!

After your roof has been serviced by shine City, the remaining Moss will take up to six months to shrink and go away on its own. Our 2 year moss free guarantee promises that once the moss is dead, we guarantee that the Moss will not come back for two years after the treatment,  Or we will come back and apply more of our soft wash solution. Our Surrey roof cleaning service is 100% guaranteed, so trust Shine City with your roof moss removal and get a free estimate!

Jenny Mazur
Jenny Mazur
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Very professional. Great job cleaning the moss off our roof and cleaning our gutters. They worked hard to make sure the job was done right. They left our house sparkling clean.
Pawsahay Thaw
Pawsahay Thaw
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Mekai and the crew did such an amazing job on the gutter cleaning and roof cleaning. Would highly recommend! 🙂
Jim M
Jim M
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They arrived on the day and time they said they would and got right to work on the moss removal on a very high and steep roof as well as the soft washing of the complete exterior of the house,job well done.

Can A Pressure Washer Be Used To Clean Roof Shingles?

When hiring a Surrey roof cleaning company to do maintenance, especially for roof demossing, you must make sure that they are not using a high pressure on your delicate asphalt shingles. If high pressure is used for roof moss removal, the asphalt shingles may look great at first sight, but it is very common that using high pressure for delicate surfaces on your home can cause massive irreversible damage, especially roofs, which can take years of life off of the shingles. Make sure to hire a roof cleaning company who treats your home with care and respect.

 Real professionals use a low pressure technique called Soft Washing for roof cleaning. We get the algae and moss gone from your home with the safest and most effective methods, which protects your property, and your bank account. Say goodbye to moss!

Surrey Roof Cleaning

What Is Roof Soft Washing?

Soft washing is a method of exterior cleaning that utilizes a mix of cleaning agents, surfactants and soaps. The ratios and the surfactants used can be changed and adjusted to get better results on different exterior surfaces on your home. Every job is different, and the mix needs to be done perfectly to get the best results. This mix is applied to the moss and once it makes contact, it begins to eat away at the organic matter, killing the moss and algae on your home down to the root. The moss will turn from a green color to white or yellow. This color change is what signifies that the moss and algae is completely dead. Soft washing is the only correct way to do roof moss removal. Make sure to hire a Surrey roof cleaning company with the experience and expertise needed to safely remove moss from your roof.

Remove Moss From Your Roof Safely

Our goal will always be providing the very best professional roof cleaning services in Greater Vancouver, handling all of our customers properties with great planning, technique and customer service. We make sure to communicate with our customers along the entire roof moss removal process, making sure that all needs are met. You can trust Shine City to put 100% effort into keeping your home beautiful and clean. Get a quote easily by giving us a call.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Moss Removal

Roof Moss Removal Surrey

Asphalt roofs are the most common type of roof in BC. Asphalt shingle roofs are affordable to install, easier to maintain, and cause fewer issues than tile and metal roofs overall. Asphalt shingle roofs are cleaned using a combination of light brushing and a soft wash chemical application.

First, our team will arrive at your home and do an inspection of the roof from the ground. Next, they will water down all plants, grass, and vegetation to dilute any small amounts of spray that go over the roof. After setting up ladders and safety equipment, they will begin  the roof moss removal by brushing all loose moss by lightly brushing the asphalt shingles. Aggressive brushing can result in damage to the roof, so light brushing is always best. 

Next, the team will blow all loose debris off the roof and onto the ground. Debris will be put in a pile and taken away.

Finally, the team will begin spraying the roof with a liquid chlorine-based soft wash formula. This formula will eat away and kill the moss, algae, and mildew. While one of our team members is doing this, another will be on the ground, constantly watering down your plants, grass, and other vegetation. 


Tile Roof Cleaning & Metal Roof Cleaning In Surrey

Not only do we clean asphalt shingles, we also clean metal and tile roofs. Each roof is different and requires different techniques and methods to be cleaned. Put your trust in us to decide what is best for your specific situation when looking for a contractor for professional tile roof cleaning, Shingle roof cleaning, and more!

We Are Top Rated For Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing

We have been cleaning white rock roofs for years and have hundreds of happy roof cleaning & exterior maintenance customers in Surrey, White Rock, Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, as well as the cities surrounding from over the years. We dont aim to be good, we aim to be the best moss removal company in BC. Quality is our only focus. You can truly trust us with your white rock roof.

Get Gutter Cleaning With Moss Removal

In most cases, it makes perfect sense to have your Gutter Cleaning and Surrey roof cleaning service done at the same time. Moss on your roof causes your gutters to become clogged, and clogged gutters causes even more moss to grow on your roofs surface. As you can tell, this causes an endless cycle of moss and mold, and it can be very damaging to the value of your home in the long term.

So unless you just recently had a gutter cleaning or roof cleaning , we highly recommend asking about getting these two services together when you contact us for a quote.

Why Choose Shine City For Surrey Roof & Gutter Cleaning?

Surrey Roof Cleaning

We have over 50 reviews for Surrey roof cleaning, and an array of other services we provide across Greater Vancouver. We are based out of Cloverdale Surrey, and we service Langley, Abbotsford, Delta, Maple Ridge, Vancouver and more!  

We provide an array of exterior home services including power washing, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, roof moss removal, window cleaning , Christmas light installation and strata building maintenance, with many building maintenance locations across Greater Vancouver. You can trust us to get the job done right, and your home and your roof will thank you!

We have a passion for great work, and we treat and maintain your home as if it is our own home, and if you put your trust in our team we will do everything possible to hold on to that trust, so contact us today for the best exterior cleaning and roof cleaning services in town!

Questions And Answers About Moss Removal:

Will You Be Using Brushes For The Cleaning?

Removal using brushing will be needed on an asphalt shingle roof depending on the situation, if there are large loose chunks of moss on the roof, we often use light brushing with a vinyl brush to remove the excess debris. If the roof is unwalkable, we will not be able to do this, however the  chemical treatment will still be effective in killing and removing the Moss.

For tile roofs on the other hand, we are not able to do any brushing since we cannot safely walk on the roof without the risk of breaking tiles,  in this case we use a much stronger soft wash solution which will work even harder to kill the Moss down to the roots. We know how to do the job right!

What Kind Of Chemical Roof Treatment Do You Use?

The soft wash formula that we use to clean roofs is a mix of sodium hypochlorite, which is another word for liquid chlorine, as well as other surfactants and soaps. This solution does a great job of killing any organic material including moss and algae. It also leaves a much longer lasting effect compared to other Solutions. Our soft wash solution is the best moss killer solution for the job! We often drive past houses that we did years ago, and WOW, the roof is still clean. Text us, call us, or email us for Surrey roof cleaning today!

Will The Roof De-Mossing Clog My Gutters?

After the Moss has been killed by the soft wash solution, it will be completely dead and will begin shrinking over the following weeks and months.  eventually, these junks of moss will become small, light and fluffy. The chunks of moss will either blow away with the wind,  or it will continue to break down and will wash away with the water, the moss will break down so small that it will easily wash through the gutter system without clogging gutters. So call Shine City for a cleaning and say goodbye to roof moss forever with a free estimate for Surrey roof cleaning!