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Surrey homeowners ask:
Is pressure washing the safest way to clean a roof?

When hiring a home exterior cleaning company to do maintenance, especially for removing moss from your roof , you must make sure that they are not using a high pressure on your asphalt shingles. If high pressure is used for moss removal on the exterior of asphalt shingles, the results may look great at first, but it is very common that using high pressure for this service can cause massive irreversible damage to your roof, which can take years of life off of the shingles on your home.  Real professionals use a low pressure technique called Soft Washing for roof cleaning. We get the job done with the safest and most effective methods, which protects your property, and your bank account. 

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What Is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is a method of exterior cleaning that utilizes a mix of cleaning agents, surfactants and soaps. The ratios and the surfactants used can be changed and adjusted to get better results on different exterior surfaces on your home. This mix is applied to the moss and once it makes contact, it begins to eat away at the organic matter, killing the moss down to the root. The moss will turn from a green color to a white or yellow. This color change is what signifies that the moss and algae is completely dead.

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Shine City's Roof Cleaning Service In Surrey

We are known for our highly-rated roof cleaning in Surrey BC as well as its neighboring cities. We only use the safest and newest cutting-edge techniques to perform our moss removal & maintenance safely and effectively, without causing damage to your shingles. Using a pressure washer on a roof will take the granules off of the exterior of your asphalt shingles, and can shorten the lifespan of your roof significantly. For these reasons, we always use the soft wash method used in combination with light brushing, for all of our exterior maintenance, but it is especially important for the maintenance of the roof of your home, and for cleaning home exterior siding. If you have any questions at all about how soft washing works, please contact us!

Tile Roof Cleaning & Metal Roof Cleaning

Not only do we clean asphalt roofs, we also clean metal and tile roofs. Each roof is different and requires different techniques and methods to be cleaned. Put your trust in us to decide what is best for your specific situation when looking for a contractor for tile roof cleaning, Shingle roof cleaning, and more!

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Get Gutter cleaning + Roof Moss Removal In One Service Day!

In most cases, it makes perfect sense to have your Gutter Cleaning and roof cleaning service done at the same time. Moss on your roof causes your gutters to become clogged, and clogged gutters causes even more moss to grow on your roofs surface. As you can tell, this causes an endless cycle of moss and mold, and it can be very damaging to the value of your home in the long term.

So unless you just recently had a gutter cleaning or roof cleaning , we highly recommend asking about getting these two services together when you contact us for a quote.

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We have over 50 reviews for roof cleaning and all of the other services we provide across Greater Vancouver. We are based out of Cloverdale Surrey, and we work in Langley, Abbotsford, Delta, Maple Ridge, Vancouver and more!  

We provide an array of exterior home maintenance including pressure washing, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning / roof moss removal window cleaning , Christmas light installation and strata building maintenance, with many building maintenance locations across Greater Vancouver.

We have a passion for great work, and we treat and maintain your home as if it is our own home, and if you put your trust in our team we will do everything possible to hold on to that trust, so contact us today for the best exterior cleaning services in town!

Questions And Answers About Roof Moss Removal

Question: Do you do any brushing to remove the moss?

Answer: It depends on the situation. In some cases, there is a large amount of moss on the roof and a bit of brushing prior to the soft wash treatment is required to clean the roof in the most effective way. Some customers ask us if this brushing will result in needing gutter cleaning after, since the moss could fall into the gutters during the brushing. If the gutter cleaning is being done after the roof cleaning, this is not an issue. If the gutter cleaning is not being done after the roof cleaning, we always make sure to remove the recently brushed moss from the inside of the gutters.