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A Truly Premium Christmas Light Experience

We offer premium Surrey Christmas Light Installation. Christmas is one of the most exciting times of year. Like clockwork, all of your neighbors are getting out their boxes of  hardware store bought LED Christmas lights

Some people get out their ladder and put it up on the side of their home, and other people call their handyman half cousin in law to help with the installation. 

 Shine City now offers Surrey Christmas Light Installation Services for your home through the holiday season. However there is a big difference between how we install Christmas lights and how other companies do light installation. Count on the best exterior Christmas light installation company.


Christmas Light Installation In Surrey
Burnaby Christmas Light Installation

Unlimited Creative Freedom

Our Christmas light hanging service gives you the ultimate creative power to point at something, and BOOM. We put up Christmas lights of what ever color, design or pattern you desire. Your wish is our command.

You Wont Have To Lift A Finger With Our
Surrey Christmas Light Installation Services

We Help With Design

Pro Installations

We Handle The Take-Down

We Provide The Lights

We Maintain The Lights

We Store The Lights


Make Changes To Your Design

Shine City makes the design of your Surrey Christmas Lights fast and simple. When you reach out to us for a quote, we will use online mapping tools to create a layout for the Christmas Light Installation. 

This design will be sent to you attached the actual quote, and you will be able to make as many changes as you would like. We give you the creative freedom to make changes to the design and layout on your home, with the ability to add lights to the rooflines landscaping trees and more. Our quote process is easy and fun! Get an estimate for Surrey Christmas Light Installation today!

Christmas Light Installation Design

Why We Use Quality LED Lights VS Store Bought Lights

Surrey Christmas Lights

 Lights bought from a hardware store usually last between one and two years and the bulbs and connectors are not changeable, so you have to throw away the whole strand if anything stops working. For this reason, we do not install customer owned Christmas Lights. Professional Christmas light companies use the good stuff!

Surrey Christmas Light Installation

We provide commercial grade LED lights as a rental for our Surrey Christmas light installation service. There is a massive difference between lights bought from a hardware store, and commercial LED lights. Quality LEDs last 3-4 times longer than lights bought from a hardware store, and are totally customizable. Each bulb, socket and wire can be replaced when needed.

These quality LED lights are much more expensive than regular hardware store lights, so we buy them in bulk and rent our own inventory of  lights to you for the season, including all of the work involved in getting those lights up on your house, the maintenance of the lights, and the takedown of the lights. We make Christmas fun by taking care of all of the technical stuff.

Professional Installers - Surrey Christmas Light Installation

Installing Christmas Lights In Surrey

Installation can be the most challenging part of holiday lighting. However, our Exterior Christmas Light Installation service is performed by our friendly team, who is fully trained to install lights on your home in a way that is safe, and efficient. Installation usually lasts between one and three hours. You can sit back and relax knowing that Shine City has your back with quality service.

We Maintain The LED Lights

Because we use such high quality LED lights on your home, it is not super common that things will stop working. However, if any Christmas Light bulbs burn out or come off from the wind, we want you to know that we’ve got it handled. We take the maintenance of the commercial LED lights very seriously, and any calls for burnt out lights will be fixed within 24 hours.

We Handle The Christmas Light Removal

Take down service of the commercial grade LED on your home is easy and fast. We begin taking down light every year in the first week of February. We label all lights so we know exactly how to install them again, if you want to get them again the next year. No need to call the guy from craigslist for the Christmas light removal.

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Then We Will See You Again Next Year For Your Surrey Christmas Light Installation!

We want to Install the lights for you year after year! The price for Christmas Light Installation is discounted when you want to have the same lights put up for the second season in a row. Request a quote today!

We Offer More Than Surrey Christmas Light Services

We can provide a quote for a bunch of other services in Surrey, as well as Langley, and the rest of the lower mainland. Some of our other offerings include Gutter Cleaning Services, roof cleaning, pressure washing and so much more! Many of our customers get other services as well as Christmas lights. Call us today to learn more!

Reg Dutt
Reg Dutt
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I had Shine City install my Christmas lights on our new home. They are well priced, Very professional and tidy. They communicated with me the whole time prior to and during my install process. I look forward to working with Shine City for all my exterior home maintenance and Christmas lights in the future, I would highly recommend this company.
Francis Williams
Francis Williams
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WOW. Beautiful christmas lights, very greatful for the service!
Raj Patro
Raj Patro
Read More
good job on the Christmas lights. they kept to the reasonable quote provided. good communication.

Common Questions About Christmas Light Services

Can you install my own Christmas lights for me?

The simple answer to this question is no, we do not install customer owned lights on your home, and there are a few reasons for this. First, we always use the exact same brand of high quality custom LED lights for our own installations, this allows us to always have replacement parts, wires and bulbs that will work with the original Christmas lights. It makes it easier for our customers, as well as our installers to always use one brand of lights.

Can you sell me the lights, and just charge me for the installation and take down?

Because we want to offer an all inclusive and full package service, we do not sell Christmas lights. We want to do everything for you, from providing the materials used, designing the layout, installing the holiday lighting itself, replacing Christmas lights when they go out, and more. 

How much do your holiday lighting services cost?

Our minimum pricing for Christmas light installation is $400+ GST. This can get you approximately 50- 75 feet of premium grade Christmas lights, Designed, Installed, and taken down. Most of our customers choose to go all out with their Christmas lighting project, getting anywhere from 150 feet to 500 feet. High-end Christmas light jobs go anywhere from $1000-$3000, depending on how amazing you want your house to look. Commercial Christmas light services can be much higher than this.

Does the price stay the same every year?

In most cases, we offer a 10-15% discount based on the original price for the second and third year of installation, however this can be different depending on the situation, the difficulty of hanging the lights themselves, as well as various other factors, like the economy.

Get An Estimate For The Best Christmas Light Services In Surrey!

Shine City services Christmas light clients in Surrey, but we also provide services in the rest of the Greater Vancouver area, so no matter where you are, we want to make your local home look great! We always do the best job we possibly can to make your home look beautiful.