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What is Soft Washing And How Does It Work?

Shine City Provides Langley House Washing services. House Washing involves washing the siding of your house without using high pressure washer nozzles, which eliminates the risk of damage to your homes delicate surfaces. Mold, mildew, and algae are destroyed by a mixture of cleaning agents, soaps, and surfactants. This process allows us to clean your home with very low PSI. In order to prevent damage to your home, you should always ask if they use soft washing when washing the exterior of your house.

When do I need House Washing ?

It is usually advisable to wash the exterior of your home once every couple of years. A house surrounded by a lot of trees, however, tends to collect grime and mildew more quickly. A home siding wash service is popular with some homeowners because they want to keep their home as clean as possible all year round. It is still very effective to use the soft wash method if your home hasn’t been washed for years. Contact us for Langley house washing today.

Gutter Cleaning + Window Cleaning + Combo Wash

The cost of having one service done at a time is not nearly as efficient as having several services done at once. Getting other services done with your Langley house washing will significantly reduce the price compared to getting them separately. Make your home services booking as simple as possible, and you’ll save time and money!

Why Shine City For Langley House Washing ?

The Shine City Company has been providing a wide range of exterior cleaning services to Langley residents since 2018, including gutter cleaning, low-pressure Langley house washing, roof cleaning, pressure washing window cleaning, and more. All over Metro Vancouver, including South & Central Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, and all the surrounding areas, we have many 5-star reviews from our loyal customers. Call us today to make your home shine!