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Why You Shouldn't Risk Doing Your Own Gutter Cleaning

In our opinion,  If you own a home in surrey, you shouldn’t risk doing your own gutter cleaning. Just hear us out.

Many people know the stress of keeping up with their home repairs and upkeep year after year, but the thing about home ownership that causes the most stress, is the long grueling process of cleaning gutters.

Gutter cleaning sucks, and for multiple reasons. The biggest reason would be the risk factor. When a company provides exterior home cleaning services like surrey gutter upkeep, roof cleaning, Window Cleaning & more, they are usually insured by WorkSafe BC.

When you are a home owner in surrey, and you decide to lean a ladder up on the gutter of your own home, you don’t have coverage from WorkSafe, but most importantly, you need to ask yourself, “Is it worth it to risk my own life to clean this gutter on my home?”.

Surrey Gutter Cleaning


 So, what causes a gutter on your home to become clogged in the first place? And what is the best solution? Often the cause of clogged gutters in a source of organic material that is above the elevation of your home, in other words, trees. It can also happen when moss begins to grow inside the gutters themselves, as well as granules that have fallen off the shingles over time. 

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 Our gutter cleaning services in Surrey provide safe, thorough results using cutting edge techniques and practices, all performed by our talented and friendly team. We also provide roof cleaning services in surrey, which is a great service to pair with gutter cleaning services

How Often Should I Book My Surrey Gutter Maintenance?

How often should surrey gutter maintenance and cleaning be done? The answer to this question depends on how many tall trees surround your home. If you can actually see water beginning to overflow from the top of the gutters, a cleaning service for your gutters should be booked right away. Most homes require a gutter cleaning around once a year, while others may not need it for two years, as long as your home is far away from sources of organic debris.

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If you have the time and confidence to do your own gutter cleaning, please be very careful when using ladders, and make sure to read about the best safety techniques while doing so. If you hope to hire a gutter cleaning company, we are here to provide you with professional top of the line service. Give us a call today for surrey gutter cleaning!

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