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Langley Roof Cleaning Services

Shine City provides Langley roof cleaning. Langley is a beautiful city known for its lush greenery and harmony with nature. However, it also means that residents and businesses work double to ensure that their roofs remain clean. It’s not uncommon for debris, algae, critters, and insects to find a home atop your property. Cleaning on your own is challenging, or nearly impossible without the right equipment, chemicals and experience, it is always best to let professionals to handle the job of roof cleaning.

At Shine City, we specialize in ensuring your roof is free from any harmful elements. We clean thoroughly using trusted methods that don’t harm your property. We prioritize safety and efficiency, allowing you to enjoy your roof for years. Contact Shine City today and schedule a Langley roof cleaning service.

Langley Roof Cleaning

Different Types Of Roofs

There are many materials and designs for home roofing, and each requires a unique approach to cleaning. With professionals like us, you won’t have to worry about the process, as we know how to ensure your roof will be free from any issues. Here are some of the most popular roof types and how we handle cleaning them:

Asphalt Shingle Moss Removal

Asphalt shingle roof cleaning often requires a combination of manual removal and treatment. We can’t use pressurized water as it will only harm the roof. The common issue with shingles is that moss and algae tend to live underneath and between them, which makes proper removal nearly impossible. We need to clean them in a way that completely removes moss and algae, that is where a soft wash solution comes into play. A soft wash will kill all moss and algae without causing damage to the granules of the shingles. The soft wash technique works very well for asphalt shingle roof cleaning and even cedar shingles, and also keeps the roof clean and algae free for up to 5 years.

Tile Roof Moss Removal


Tile roof cleaning has a similar dilemma you’ll see with shingles. The area underneath and around the tiles can propagate fungus and moss. Build-up can cause water to pool, exposing the roof to more water than necessary. From there, the water can flow into areas they’re not supposed to stay, causing leaks.

A soft wash application works well on tile roofs, however tile requires a much stronger mix, and may need multiple applications for the moss to go away completely. So trust Shine City to do everything just right on your tile roof cleaning in Langley! 


Metal Roof Cleaning

Power washing can work for other roof types on your home, specifically for those that don’t have gaps, just like a metal roof, which can be cleaned with a combination of soft washing and power washing. We also use them to wash out gutters on your home. If a surface on your home exterior is more delicate, we use a soft wash that removes mud, debris, and other organic material with low pressure, which protects your home instead of damaging it. It’s a must as Langley goes through the different weather conditions.

Cleaning your roof will extend its life and protect your property for much longer. With Shine City, you have a licensed professional team working on cleaning your roof. Our team has the tools and training needed to complete the job. We are an insured company with many years of experience.

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Our Process For Roof Cleaning

We have a tried and true process for Langley roof cleaning and maintenance called roof soft washing. Our team prepares everything beforehand, so we arrive in your area ready to work. At the scheduled time, a team from Langley will start inspecting the rooftops and see what they need to do. From there, we will:

Check for large chunks of moss that need to be removed

If the roof is safe and walkable, we use blowers and brushes for the removal of loose debris. If gutter cleaning is included in the quote, we will remove debris from those right after clearing large debris from the roof.

Soft Wash Treatment

When roof cleaning, our team will treat the entire roof with our soft wash solution, making sure that all of the remaining moss turns to a bright yellow or white color, this signifies that the moss on the roof is totally dead. It is always very important that the moss and algae is killed completely when you are having your roof cleaned. Some roof cleaners in Langley do a great job cleaning, using just the right amount, and the right strength of the soft wash solution, while others may not use enough, leaving large patches of the moss and algae alive. Some contractors may even go ahead with the removal of the moss only, without treating the algae and moss with a solution. This may look appealing at first, but the roots of the moss are still alive, and will quickly begin to grow again. It is especially a bad if the contractor is doing the removal with a pressure washer. We make sure to do the job right the first time, making sure that the asphalt shingles are soaked in just the right amount of the solution to kill the algae and moss. 

We’ll bag all the debris and moss that fell from the roof on to the ground, and in the following weeks and months, you will see the moss on the roof getting smaller and smaller, until it is completely gone. We guarantee results, which is another great reason to call Shine City for a free quote for your home.

Why call Shine City For Moss Removal & Gutter Cleaning in Langley?

Langley roof moss removal

We have over 50 reviews for our roof cleaning and other exterior home services in Langley. Our team applies a soft wash in Langley. It’s a reliable method for cleaning algae, moss and debris from surfaces through a mixture of cleaning agents and soaps. We use a mixture that kills organic matter down to the roots. You’ll notice that the moss and algae color changes, indicating that the organic matter is dead.

As one of the top-rated services, you can trust Shine City to work on your Langley property. With safe and cutting-edge techniques, we protect your roof from any harm. Contact us today to get a fast and free quote, and schedule your next roof cleaning for your property in Langley. 

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Shine City also offers a variety of other exterior services across the Greater Vancouver Area, including gutter cleaning, power wash services, exterior home soft wash, and more! Check us out on google and see our 5 star reviews!