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We developed a system for giving quotes for Langley pressure washing services that is fast and efficient. We are able to see your home in full 3D, take accurate measurements, and collect basic contact information all within seconds. When you call us for a free quote, we will ask you only a few easy questions about your property before being able to measure your entire home and all of the surfaces surrounding it.

In fifteen minutes or less, one of our customer service representatives will call you with a free, detailed quote. We prioritize having excellent customer service and guarantee your satisfaction with our work. Contact us now for more information.

Shine City Pressure Cleaning Services

Shine City has been providing Langley washing and other exterior services in Langley BC since 2018. We pressure wash hundreds of driveways, patios, sidewalks, and commercial properties in Langley every year. We take the stress out of your property maintenance, so that you can simply enjoy the results. Gone are the days that you will have to go to the hardware store to rent a commercial pressure washer, just to spend your entire day washing and washing, with slow progress. If you are a homeowner or commercial property manager, who is sick of looking at all the gross debris on your property, do yourself a favor. Hire a professional washing company like Shine City so that you can focus on the more important things in life, like spending time with family, friends, and doing what you love. Call Shine City for a clean home, and a stress-free mind. Schedule a time for a free pressure wash quote today.

Power Washing With Low Pressure VS High Pressure Water

For something as delicate as the side of your home, washing with low pressure is essential. Pressure washing is a method of washing pavement, and other surfaces that require a high amount of PSI to blast the debris and algae away. This can be very affective, especially for driveway washing, patio concrete washing, and sidewalk washing, and we have the high water pressure washers to do so. So then, what is the difference between pressure washing and power washing? Well, they are similar and are often interchangeable. Power washing simply means washing using power, usually coming from an engine, but does not strictly use pressure to clean things. In fact, most debris on your home should not be cleaned with high pressure. If you call Shine City for Langley services, you will be pleased to find out that we always use just the right amount of water pressure for your home washing service. Your home will look amazing when all of that algae and debris is gone. So call us today!

Langley House Washing

What Is A Siding Soft Wash?

Some surfaces on your property could be damaged and destroyed if high pressure is used on them, so make sure to use a professional washing company in who knows when to use a power wash, and when to use soft washing, especially for a house washing service. Soft washing is a method of exterior washing that uses a combination of cleaning agents, soaps and surfactants. A power washer is used with low-pressure nozzles to apply a layer of the mix to delicate surfaces, like your siding, your house or your roof. The soft wash mix begins to eat away at the organic green grime that has grown on the surface. After a few minutes, the soft wash formula is rinsed off with low pressure, leaving the surface very clean, and the best part is, nothing was damaged! When you book with us for a washing service in Langley, your property is protected both by our full insurance coverage, as well as our safe and effective washing techniques. We make it super easy to get a quote for residential pressure washing, so call us!

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We make it easy to get an estimate for your home, we are just one call away! We can get you an estimate in minutes, and it can all be done over a phone call. We measure the surfaces to clean using a special estimate software. No matter what service or what surface you want to clean, house washing & siding washing, commercial properties, a clean roof or clean windows, we make it fast and simple to get an estimate. Call us today for great service!

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Exterior Cleaning Services For Your Entire House

Not only do we provide pressure washing services, we also provide a variety of other washing services in Langley, Including Roof Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, House Washing, Window washing, and we even offer holiday lighting services in the winter months. We make sure to do a great job from washing your house, to having Christmas Lights installed. Put your trust in us, and you will have a home that shines brighter than the rest!

Why call Shine City For Pressure Washing And House Washing In Langley?

Surrey Exterior Cleaning

We have over 50 reviews for exterior soft washing, pressure washing and other washing service we provide across Greater Vancouver. We are based out of Cloverdale Surrey, and we operate in Abbotsford, South Surrey, Delta, Maple Ridge, Vancouver and more!  

Our team is equipped with the best equipment to cut through the worst of algae and tough debris, but more importantly, our team has been trained to deal with all of the different situations that can happen on the job. We always make sure to communicate with our customers to make sure they are satisfied with each and every service that we provide.

We provide a variety of exterior services for your house including window cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof moss removal, Christmas light installation, strata building maintenance and commercial cleaning, pressure washing and more with hundreds of happy customers who recommend us to their friends and family, all with a clean house or property year round. We have been pressure washing parking lots, soft washing strata complexes, maintaining gutters and more for years. 

We take pride in providing great service and we treat your home as if it is our own house, and if you put your trust in our team we will do everything possible to keep that trust, so call us today, say goodbye to algae and debris, and your house will look better than anyone else on your street. Its time to hire the best pressure washing service with the right equipment and experience!