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Shine City Terms Of Service


Shine City, the cleaning service provider that is described in this Terms of Service or other official Shine City document is liable for any loss of or damage to homes serviced by Shine City or Shine City’s Local Owner, except as provided in this Terms of Service or other official Shine City document.



Shine City will not be liable for the following unless caused by the negligence of Shine City or Shine City’s Local Owner or employee.

Damage to areas of the serviced properties that are not cleaned by Shine City, Paint stripped from properties with flaky or peeling paint, damage to surfaces already weakened by the elements, including crumbling brick and pavement, as well as weak/rotting wood surfaces.


When hiring Shine City for your cleaning needs, you must ensure that all people and pets stay indoors during your servicing for safety purposes, and must not hire other contractors to work near the work area on the same date of your service.



Shine City is not liable for damage, loss or other claims to any properties serviced under this Terms of Service or other official Shine City document unless notice of the damage setting out particulars of the address and date of service is given in writing to Shine City within 7 days after service to the property.

Shine City must acknowledge receipt of the claim within 7 days after receipt of the claim.

Verbal claims noted at the time of service do not constitute a notice of claim to Shine City. It is the consignee, consignor, owner or authorized agent’s responsibility to forward written notice of claim as laid out above.

Email is considered the best way to give notice of damage, loss or other claim.



This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of British Columbia, Canada, any dispute shall be determined by and the parties agree to submit any such dispute to the Courts of the Province of British Columbia having jurisdiction.



Deposits of 10% are required to secure space in the cleaning schedule. Accepted payment methods are Visa, MasterCard or cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum Blockchain, Litecoin, Bitcoin, etc.

By choosing to hire Shine City and making full-payment on a cleaning service, the consignee agrees to all the conditions of carriage as outlined in this document.

Quotes are honoured for 30 days after the initial consultation. After 30 days we may change the final price to reflect changes in our costs.



Any changes in the scope of the work will be reflected in the pricing and/or plans, including changes that happen on the day of the service. We promise our pricing, however, it is based on the square-footage requested to be cleaned, which if changed, the cost will need to be changed accordingly. We cannot guarantee that servicing such requests will be possible.

If the service day is changed, the payment made will be transferred to the new service day.

If the service is cancelled or the date is changed within 48 (forty-eight) hours of the scheduled service hour, Shine City will retain 10% of the total original Quote, up to $200.00 to cover all administration costs and cost of lost opportunities.

Shine City must authorize scope of work changes. Unauthorized scope of work changes will be added to the invoice without notice, regardless of the Employees’ acceptance.



We appreciate your business and if there is anything that you would like us to know about, please call immediately. Thank you.

We do not accept cash, cheque or email transfer as forms of payment, except in special circumstances and at the discretion of the Shine City management.

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