What Is The Cost Of Power Washing A House?

Cost of power washing a house

House power washing services – how much do they cost?

How much does it cost to power wash a house? Here are some different factors you are looking at to determine how much you should be paying to have the exterior of your house “power washed”:

  • Location
  • Siding type
  • Size of the house
  • Dirtiness of the house
  • The method used to clean the house
  • The experience of the company you choose

The correct method for house “Power Washing”

First of all, “Power washing” the exterior of a house is a big no-no. Anyone who knows what they are doing will tell you that houses should not be cleaned with high pressure. Sure, a house could be “Power washed”, but it must be power washed with low pressure, and a detergent formula, almost always called Soft Washing.

That being said, the cost to power wash a house can vary a lot. Many exterior cleaning companies that are just starting out, (who also may not have much experience) will often lowball something like house washing as low as $200. Beware, if a service provider makes an offer like this, run! You do not want to risk thousands of dollars in damages to a valuable asset such as your home.

What should you expect to pay for a professional house wash?

If you are hiring a professional company that knows what they’re doing, you can expect to pay anywhere from $350-$800 or more for an exterior house wash. In some rare situations, you can end up spending $1000+ if you have a large home with porous and grimy surfaces, and if you are adding on additional services such as window cleaning, gutter cleaning or roof cleaning, you can expect a few hundred dollars more for each of these services.

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