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Surrey Gutter Cleaning

Get A Fast Quote For Top-Rated Surrey Gutter Cleaning Services

Surrey Gutter Cleaning By Shine City

If you need quality Surrey gutter cleaning fast, you have come to the right place. We have been cleaning gutters in surrey since 2018, with 100+ 5 star reviews across the web.

With some simple questions about your home, we will be able to use an online tool and will be able to make accurate measurements of your gutters, and in minutes, you will be provided with a quote along with our availability for gutter cleaning.

Gutter Cleaning Quote

Surrey Gutter Cleaning - DIY vs Hiring Shine City

In our opinion,  If you own a home in surrey, you shouldn’t risk doing your own Surrey gutter cleaning. Just hear us out.

Many people know the stress of keeping up with their home repairs and upkeep year after year, but the thing about home ownership that causes the most stress, is the long, messy process of cleaning your eavestroughs.

Cleaning gutters sucks, and for multiple reasons. The biggest reason would be the danger factor. When a company provides exterior home cleaning services, they are usually insured by WorkSafe BC.

When you are a home owner in surrey, and you decide to lean a ladder up on the roof of your own home, you don’t have coverage from WorkSafe, but most importantly, you need to ask yourself, “Is it worth it to risk my own life to get up on this ladder?”. 

We think its better to leave it to us, the surrey gutter cleaning experts. Our exterior home services let you enjoy more free time, and also keep you safe, while you can focus on the more meaningful things in your life. 

Surrey Gutter Cleaning

Surrey Gutter Cleaning | What Causes Clogged Gutters?


So, what causes clogged gutters on your home in the first place? And what is the best way to fix it? Often the cause of clogged gutters would be trees above your home. Leaves, pine needles and other debris are always falling from the trees, and over time it will build up and create clogs. It can also happen when moss begins to grow inside the gutter itself, as well as shingle grit that have fallen off the shingles over time. It is very important that a Surrey gutter cleaning is done regularly to protect your home from water overflow and moisture leaking into your home.

How To Choose The Right Professional Gutter Cleaning Company

There are a few key boxes that you will want to check when hiring a company for professional gutter cleaning. First, you must make sure that the Surrey gutter cleaning company you are hiring is WCB insured. If an accident happens on your property, you could be held liable. Make the right choice and hire a company with insurance for your own protection.

Another important question you will want to ask is, what is the reputation of this company? There are many companies who will charge you an arm and a leg for gutter cleaning, but how do you know for sure that they even cleaned them properly, or cleaned them at all? If it rains a few days after your gutters were cleaned, but they are still overflowing, can you trust that they will come back to fix the issue? You should always look at the online reviews for the company you are considering to hire. Make sure that you trust your gutter cleaning company before wasting your hard earned money.

Why Choose Shine City For Your Eavestrough Cleaning?

Our number one value is and always will be great customer service. Our office is always ready for any questions and concerns you may have. Our Surrey gutter cleaning service provides safe, thorough results using cutting-edge techniques and practices, all performed by our talented and friendly team. We are fully licensed, Insured and use the proper safety equipment where necessary. We also provide roof moss cleaning services in surrey, which is a great service to pair with gutter cleaning services.

How Often Do I Need Gutter Cleaning Services?

How often should gutter maintenance and cleaning be done? The answer to this question depends on how many tall trees surround your home. If you can actually see water beginning to overflow from the top of the gutters, a gutter appointment should be booked right away. Most homes require a gutter cleaning around once a year, while others may not need it for two years, as long as your home is far away from sources of organic debris.

How Much Does Surrey Gutter Cleaning Cost?

Gutter cleaning cost can vary widely. Our eavestrough cleaning service starts at $300+GST for a standard 1 story rancher and goes up from there depending on the size of your house, the number of stories, and the steepness of your roof. 

How We Clean Gutters

We have been cleaning gutters since 2018 across the Greater Vancouver area. Over the years, we have improved our techniques for cleaning gutters not only efficiently, but also more effectively. It is always important to clean gutters with the goal of proper water flow. Achieving proper water flow in your gutters requires all gutters to be clear of large chunks of debris that can clog your downspouts. A good rule of thumb for cleaning gutters is to clean up any piece of debris bigger than a grain of rice, as anything bigger will clog up the downspout filter at the top of your downspouts.  

The Technique

Every service that we do, and every home exterior that we clean are often very different, and come with their own set of challenges. In some situations, it makes sense to clean all gutters by hand, using a ladder leaning on the roof and a bucket in hand. In other situations it makes more sense for us to work on the roof to clean the gutters. We always make sure to wear safety harnesses when going on steep roofs, and follow work safe guidelines while cleaning. In some cases, we do Surrey gutter cleaning using leaf blowers, pressure washers or other methods to blast the debris out of the gutters on your home and on to the ground, then we go down on to the ground and clean up the debris by making piles, then we take the debris away and dispose of them. We make sure not to leave debris all over your garden bed. 

Choose Shine City For Surrey And Langley Gutter Cleaning

Have a look at our 5 star reviews and our great service across the Greater Vancouver Area. Exterior cleaning is our passion and we always treat your home as if it was our own. We offer a wide variety of exterior maintenance including pressure washing, roof moss removal, cleaning gutters, cleaning windows, and more! We can provide an estimate for Surrey gutter cleaning fast & for free!

Surrey Gutter Cleaning, House Washing & More

We provide a variety of other services including exterior cleaning, white rock roof cleaning services, gutter cleaning, house washing, and more. You will always save when you have multiple services done. For example, many people get window cleaning, Surrey gutter cleaning, exterior house maintenance, roof cleaning and more all done at the same time. Book multiple and save big.