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Shine City provides Surrey pressure washing, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning,  and window washing services. Operated in Surrey BC since 2018, we’ve been serving Surrey British Columbia as well as all of its surrounding cities.


We have a passion for keeping your home beautiful, functional and fully maintained year round, while giving the best costumer service in the industry. We use all of the latest techniques and equipment to provide safe and effective service for all of our costumers. We have all 5 star reviews from happy costumers all over town. We have a passion for home care that truly reflects in the way we work.

House Washing Services Offered

Before and after driveway cleaning

Driveway Cleaning Surrey BC

Our heavy duty surface cleaners do an excellent job of getting a deep clean for your driveway. Its amazing how effective our driveway cleaning services are, especially when your driveway hasn’t been washed for over a year. Have the brightest, cleanest driveway in your neighborhood.

Window Washing Surrey BC

Window Washing Surrey BC

Professional window washing equipment means premium results. Our spot free water fed poles do a fantastic job of making your windows shine! Our window washing services have 5 star ratings.

Gutter Cleaning Surrey

Gutter Cleaning Surrey BC

Leaky, clogged and dysfunctional gutters are a big problem. If your gutters are unable to do their job, they will fill with water, and that water will often find its way inside of your house over time. The purpose of gutters is to create a flow of water going away from your home. If they are unable to flow, your home will soak as a result. Our premium gutter cleaning services bring your gutters to 100% functionality. 

Pressure Washing Surrey BC

House Washing Surrey BC

Don’t hire just anyone to wash the siding of your home before making sure that they use the soft wash method. Many service “professionals” use high pressure on the side of your home, which can blast siding off your walls, break seals in your windows, and leave horrible uneven patters all over your home. We use the best techniques to clean your siding. The soft wash method does a fantastic job of removing grime without high pressure. 

Roof Cleaning Surrey

Roof Cleaning Surrey BC

If you notice moss on the roof of your home, take action! Would you rather pay tens of thousands of dollars to replace your roof in the future, or just pay a few hundred to keep it maintained? We use our soft wash solution to get down to the roots of any organic materials growing on your home. Within 1-2 months your roof will be moss free.