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Surrey Pressure Washing

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Pressure Washing & House Washing Near Surrey BC

When was the last time you looked at all that green grime on your driveway? Now look at your house, does it have grime too? How about your roof? It might be time for to consider doing some washing.

 Often the seasons can fly by so fast that you don’t notice the gradual build up of algae and mildew. In British Columbia, it is very common to see dozens of houses in a row, and not one of them has been cleaned for years. It is to the point where dirty houses blend in with everything else, and a clean house stands out from the rest. So why hire Shine City for your house washing needs?

We have been providing house washing, Pressure washing, and other exterior home cleaning services since 2018 from Abbotsford, to Delta to Vancouver. People trust us with their homes every day, and we always make sure to deliver the highest level of home cleaning.

Surrey House Washing

Soft Washing VS Pressure Washing

“Pressure washing” is when you use the force of water at a high pressure to remove green grime from a surface. This works great, until you try using it on delicate surfaces, such as the siding of your house, or even worse, your roof. Soft Washing is the solution to that problem. Soft Washing uses special low-pressure nozzles to apply a spray-on chemical application that loosens grime and dirt, which allows us to clean these delicate items with very low pressure, and the best part is, it leaves those surfaces clean and shining!

Pressure washing is still used when dealing with cleaning pavement, but often it is still hard to get a deep, consistent clean over your entire surface of the driveway. Surface cleaners are the solution, see the video below as an example how good they are at delivering that consistency.

Other Exterior Cleaning Services For Your Entire Home

Roof Cleaning Surrey

Surrey Roof Cleaning & Roof Moss Removal

Surrey Roof Cleaning is one of our most popular exterior cleaning services, and is a great way to keep your home’s value high, and looking clean . If you notice moss on the roof of your home, take action! Would you rather pay tens of thousands of dollars to replace your roof in the future, or just pay a fraction  to keep it clean and maintained? But don’t just call any guy with a power washer. 

 Our team is fully trained to use a soft wash method to get down to the roots of any organic materials growing on your home. We offer multiple great roof moss removal, and roof moss treatment options, to give your roof a clean, long life.

Surrey House Washing

House Washing & Soft Washing

Don’t hire just anyone! Some companies will arrive at your home and start power washing the siding of your home with high pressure. So make sure you hire a power washing company that uses the soft wash method. Many service “professionals” use high pressure on the siding of your home, which can blast siding off your walls, break seals in your windows, and leave horrible uneven wand marks all over your home.

 We offer a better technique for cleaning home exterior. The soft wash method does a great job of removing grime without high pressure. So hire us to clean your home instead! If you are looking for exterior house cleaning in Surrey BC, contact us today!

Before and after driveway cleaning Surrey

Surrey Driveway Cleaning & Pavement Power Washing

Should you buy your own equipment and pressure wash your driveway on your own? 

In our opinion – only if you have a lot of free time, and only if you have a great pressure washer!

 We always make sure to use the latest techniques and most efficient pressure washers to provide a great power washing experience for our customers. Our heavy duty surface cleaners do an excellent job of getting a deep clean for your driveway and other paved areas. 

Surrey Window Cleaning

Surrey Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaning equipment means premium results. Our team works with pure water fed poles do a great job of making your windows clean and shiny! Our window clean services have all 5 star ratings, take a look and google us!

Clean Gutters Surrey

Surrey Gutter Cleaning

Leaky, clogged and dysfunctional gutters are a big problem. If your gutters are unable to do their job, they will fill with water, and that water will often find its way inside of your house over time.

 The purpose of rain gutters is to create a flow of water going to areas far away from the inside of your home. If they are unable to flow properly, areas of your home that are meant to stay dry will soak as a result. Our premium gutter cleaning services bring your gutters to 100% functionality. And you can relax knowing your gutters are nice and clean.

Commercial Pressure Washing

Commercial Pressure Washing

We provide high quality commercial power washing and pressure washing services including strata building maintenance, commercial building washing, parkade pressure washing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning and more great services to keep your commercial properties clean! 

We have dozens of building maintenance locations in all areas across metro Vancouver, call us for a free quote!


Installing Christmas Lights In Surrey

Surrey Christmas Light Installation

For us, winter is our favorite season of the year. We provide, install, maintain and reinstall commercial-grade Christmas lights every year in Surrey, and areas across the lower mainland. Ask us about our premium light services today! 

Pressure Washing Services for your entire property

We provide many great exterior cleaning & pressure washing services in South Surrey, as well as its surrounding areas including Langley, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, Delta, Vancouver and more!

We have a passion for power washing as well as roof cleaning, gutter cleaning,  and window cleaning services. Operated in Surrey BC since 2018.


We have a passion for keeping your home beautiful, functional and fully maintained year round, while giving the best costumer service in the industry. We use all of the latest techniques and equipment to provide safe and effective service for all of our costumers. Search us on google! We have all 5 star reviews from happy costumers in areas all over Metro Vancouver. We have a passion for home care that truly reflects in the way we work.

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