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We Offer A 2-Year Guarantee On Roof Cleaning

Our roof moss removal service stands apart from the others. Shine City provides professional roof cleaning and roof moss removal with a 2-year guarantee in Surrey BC and the surrounding cities, including Langley, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, Coquitlam, Delta, and more.  

Our Process

When hiring a company for roof moss removal, it is important that you check that your contractor is using a process to clean your roof that really works. If roof cleaning is not done properly, your roof can be damaged by high pressure or aggressive brushing. Take a look at our soft washing process that is used on every roof.

Pre Inspection Of Your Roof Moss

Shine City Roof Moss Removal

One of the most important steps of the roof cleaning process is the pre-inspection of the roof. it is important for us to analyze the  condition of your roof to determine what the best methods and strategies will be to clean the roof safely and effectively. Once the roof has been inspected thoroughly,  we will let you know if there are any problems with your roof that may need attention, such as leaks, missing shingles and other issues.

Roof Moss Brushing

Next, we decide if the roof needs to be brushed prior to our soft wash treatment, if there are large chunks of loose moss on your roof, it is important that we remove this using soft bristle brushes, we do not use aggressive brushing or high pressure to avoid damage to your roof.  it is important to note that brushing on roofs is only done when the roof is safely accessible for our team, otherwise we will use a stronger soft wash solution to kill the Moss down to the roots which will be just as effective in the long term, and is still protected by our 2-year moss free guarantee.

Disposal Of Roof Moss

Roof Moss Disposal

Once the large Moss has been brushed from the roof, it is time to blow the Moss off of the roof to be collected into piles, which will be disposed of off-site, we always make sure to clean up your property so well that you will never even notice that there was a mess in the first place.

Plant Protection For The Roof Moss Removal

Before we start our soft wash process for your roof, we make sure to spray water, and a neutralizer on your delicate plants surrounding your home, to ensure that our soft wash solution does not cause any harm to the vegetation on your property. It is important when hiring a  company for roof moss removal that they protect your plants.

Application Of Our Roof Soft Wash Solution

Roof Moss Removal Surrey

Finally, we come to our most important step of the roof cleaning process, the roof soft wash. You may ask, what is a soft wash? a soft wash is a low pressure cleaning method using a chlorine based solution mixed with other surfactants and soaps, this formula will kill the moss down to the roots within a 15-minute period, all of the moss will turn from a green color to a white color, we make sure to thoroughly coat the entire roof with our soft wash solution in order to ensure that no moss will begin to spread again for at least 2 years guaranteed.

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The Results

Take a look at some of our past projects. We always strive to give 100% effort on every job. Take a look!

Commonly Asked Questions About Roof Moss Removal

Question: How long does it take for the small leftover moss to go away?

Answer: In most cases, it takes 2-3 months after the soft wash treatment for the roof moss to fully go away. In rare cases, it can take up to 6 months before the moss goes away completely.


Question: Does the dead moss end up falling into my gutters? Will they end up getting clogged?

Answer: The moss will break down slowly into fine particles, which will not be large enough to clog up your gutters, however, we still recommend regular gutter cleaning services every year.


Question: Will your soft wash solution harm my roof?

Answer: No. Our soft wash solution is recommended by asphalt shingle manufactures, and only kills organic growth such as moss and algae. It does not hurt the shingles.