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DIY driveway cleaning VS hiring a company

Before and after driveway cleaning Surrey

Cleaning your driveway is one of the easiest ways to increase the curb appeal of your property. It is often the case that you will realize just how dirty your driveway is once you start cleaning it, exposing the clean concrete underneath. Many homeowners drive out to home depot and buy a small electric pressure washer for a couple of hundred dollars, later to realize that their purchase was pointless because of the lack of power provided by the machine. As a professional Pressure washing company in Surrey, BC we have come across many of our clients’ driveways that look like this.

How to properly clean your driveway

If you plan on cleaning your own driveway, there are a few things you need to know. An electric pressure washer will take many hours to clean a driveway, so we recommend going with a gas unit. When purchasing a gas pressure washer, two different numbers on the box are essential to look at. Each pressure washer will have a PSI number and a GPM number. PSI means pressure per square inch, and GPM stands for gallons per minute. Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming that PSI is the most crucial number when buying a pressure washer. However, you only need about 2000 PSI to clean concrete. GPM is the real determining factor for cleaning speed when purchasing a pressure washer. We recommend buying a unit with at least 2 GPM; however, if you have a larger surface to clean, a 4gpm unit will do a swift job of cleaning pavement. 

Using a surface cleaner to triple your cleaning speed

A surface cleaner is an attachment for your pressure washer with a spinning bar attached underneath. Using special tips with the surface cleaner, you will triple your cleaning speed when washing your driveway. It also cleans much more evenly, preventing ugly, uneven lines all over the surface. Make sure you get a surface cleaner that matches the PSI and GPM of your pressure washer unit.

Hiring a professional pressure washing company

Hiring a Pressure washing company is by far the easiest and fastest way to get your driveway cleaned. As a professional pressure washing company in Surrey BC, we use heavy-duty 8 GPM units paired with heavy-duty surface cleaners to clean large driveways quickly. Hiring a pressure washing company means that you will also have a higher quality result than doing it yourself. Professional companies often use special solutions to ensure that the green won’t grow back as quickly and pay more attention to detail at the edges and corners of the surfaces. If you don’t have hours to clean your driveway yourself, we highly recommend hiring a professional pressure washing company.

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